Pink batt hypocrisy

The pink batts scandal is once again back in the news, and the aggressive posturing of the Liberals raises some interesting ideological questions. For one, why is the party of individual responsibility blaming the government rather than the cheap, sleazy bastards who sent untrained young men to their deaths in pursuit of a quick buck? Could it be that the said individuals are those small business types with which the Liberals so adore? Furthermore, why is the party of the alleged moral high ground so eager to politicise these tragedies? Food for thought…


One thought on “Pink batt hypocrisy

  1. edward eastwood

    How true, and typical of the hypocrisy of the neo-liberals. What’s more is that the ABC is also mouthing this line and exploiting the parents of the deceased shamelessly. It’s the sort of thing that one expects from tabloid tv but not from the government broadcaster. To make matters worse, Rudd has apologised and by inference accepted blame when the blame as you so correctly point out, lies at the feet of the contractors out for a quick buck. Appalling!


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