From little things, big things grow

I was interested to read yesterday a very simple but potentially effective suggestion from Bangladeshi microfinance pioneer Dr Mohammad Yunus. It came in the context of an article about the incredibly poor living and working conditions of Bangladeshi garment workers. Yunus proposed a 50c per garment levy on Bangladeshi garments, with the money then used to fund improved conditions for workers; it could be put into improving healthcare or sanitation, or perhaps creating a workers compensation scheme, all things we take for granted in Australia. As the article notes, 50c is a small amount here in Australia; it might get you 5 minutes parking in central Melbourne or a Chupa Chup at the check out. But in a country where garment workers are earning $3 a day, it could make an enormous difference. As an Oxfam survey found, 70% of Australians would be happy to pay a bit more if it were to improve conditions for garment workers. So how about it?


2 thoughts on “From little things, big things grow

  1. edward eastwood

    Good lord! what the dear doctor is suggesting is socialism! Doesn’t he know that the neo-libertarians have been doing their utmost to stamp that out for the past twenty years? The next thing you know, he’ll be suggesting workers compensation and free education – and we can’t have that!


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