ACTU ad reminds us of the value of unions

An advertisement from the Australian Council of Trade Unions to be released this evening serves as a pointed and timely reminder of the merits of the oft maligned union movement. Many Australian’s will remember the ACTU’s powerful advertising campaign against the Howard government’s WorkChoices in 2007. The Coalition has relentlessly attacked the union movement in relation to a number of scandals whilst Labor has been in power. Indeed, like any other organization, there have been some bad apples within the movement. But with the Coalition looking set to return to power, it is worth remembering the prominent role the union movement has played in shaping society as we know it, by virtue of initiatives such as the 40 hour week. Without the union movement, the disparity between the haves and the have nots would be far wider in Australian society. It is a crucial counter balance to the power and influence that money buys for corporate Australia. So, next time a Liberal MP attacks the unions, pause to wonder what life for the vast majority of us who work for someone else for a living would be like without them.


3 thoughts on “ACTU ad reminds us of the value of unions

  1. edward eastwood

    Hear, Hear! I often wonder if people think such things as sick leave, annual holiday leave, workers compensation, equal rights for women, women in the workplace, maternity leave etc… were granted by employers – they were not! They were hard fought for through the power of unionism. For the past two decades, the neo-liberals have done their utmost to destroy these gains in order to create a climate of fear and in this climate, a compliant workforce to whom they can dictate terms and conditions under the auspices of ‘workplace reform’.
    Australia as a Federation was created through unionism and the notion of ‘a fair go’ – a fair days work for a fair days pay. We must never let them take this away from us!

  2. freedomsmoker

    I think unions served a purpose 100 years ago. Now they are part of the reason we have a company shutting down or moving off shore every week. Part of the reason the Australian economy is in decline and uncompetitive in international markets.

    1. ramblingsofapoliticsstudent Post author

      I suppose the way I see it, if we didn’t have the unions today, many of the things that they original sought and won would be wound back- already we see issues such as the intrusion of work into home life via technology and insecurity surrounding short term contract work.


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