Having it both ways

Unsurprising news in The Age today of the large scale tax evasion carried out by many of the wealthiest Australians. It is always so distatseful hearing of the richest Australians, who have benefited from all that our nation gives them, being unwilling or too greedy to give anything back. Or maybe most of these (very likely) right wing types simply believe that since they are ideologically opposed to them, paying taxes just isn’t for them. Tax has become a dirty word in Australian politics, or indeed in Western politics. This is a shame. It is after all taxes that pay for roads, hospitals, schools and all the other public goods which the private sector has little interest in providing. 


2 thoughts on “Having it both ways

  1. Dacka's Razor

    This was reported in The Australian several weeks ago and shown to be that these individuals are the 1% of the 1%.

    As Edward’s ridiculous claim of “one rule for the rich, another for the poor”, the top 20% of income earners pay 80% of income tax already here in Australia whereas the “poor” pay little to NO tax. That seems fair doesnt it? I personally pay 32.5% of my income in tax… oh and the Medicare levy… oh and the QLD flood levy… what about you Edward? How much tax do you pay??

    I am not saying that what the 1% of the 1% do is right, but you can understand why people want to mimimise the amount of tax that they pay given the propensity for government cockups, waste and corruption.

    You want to truly understand hypocrisy watch this interesting video on the Uni of Melbourne Gonski protests… Screaming “We want free education! Gina Rinehart should pay 80% tax…” but at the same time advocating that income tax should be an opt in process if you dont agree with government policy.

    Fair dinkum it is soooooooo embarrassing that there are such vacant minded “students” out there (most of them perpetual) who are so totally unaware of how the world works and what they are actually saying. Most of them cannot articulate anything but empty slogans. Challenge them on their fanicul rhetoric and watch how quickly they and their pathetically shallow ideas crumble.

    With logic like that shown on this very amusing video students such as these would last 3 seconds in ANY job.

    Given that some of them proclaim to wonder who would want to be rich, I actually question why they want the education in the first place, as they seemingly think that getting a highly paid job based on the qualifications that you are obtaining at Uni would automatically make you EVIL. Save yourselves… drop out before you become an EVIL TAXPAYER!!!

    Boooga woooga woooga!!!!


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