IPA influence is bad for democracy

With neo-conservative think tank the Institute for Public Affairs now revealed as the driving force behind the present rift in the Liberal Party over paid parental leave, the influence of such organisations is a salient question. The right often attacks Labor for being beholden to the unions- but is being beholden to industry groups and hardline ideologues really any different? This is an organisation which, unlike the union movement seems to care little about social welfare, with its sole focus being the promotion of small government and undermining of social welfare. Or, to put it bluntly, making the rich richer and the poor poorer. So next time the Liberals attack Labor for being linked to the union movement, ask yourself whose song sheet the Liberals are singing from.


2 thoughts on “IPA influence is bad for democracy

  1. Dacka's Razor

    Actually the IPA espouse personal responsibility and libertarian ideals, which centre around minimal government intervention and getting out of people’s lives.

    The IPA supports the free market of ideas, the free flow of capital, a limited and efficient government, evidence-based public policy, the rule of law, and representative democracy. Tell me which one of these things do you disagree with?

    You want social welfare? I and many others want people to look after themselves and stop expecting others to pick up the tab all the time. It is not my responsibility to look after you. That is YOUR responsibility to yourself.

    We should be looking to pay less income tax and let people spend their money how and where they like. “Progressive” tax systems remove any incentive to climb the ladder. It is yet another mechanism to keep people in their places.

    The creation of the welfare state by Otto von Bismark was actually a mechanism for the state to control society. Someone who is dependent on the state is less likely to challenge the state, which is evident in the mendicant nature of our modern society. The welfare state is what shackles people not some conservative conspiracy by the IPA.

    The IPA was also pretty much the only organisation in Australia to recently defend your right to free speech. Without it you would not be free to publish your ramblings. All i would have to allege is that your opinion has in someway offended me and viola! off you go to court where you would have to have proven that you have not offended me. How would you do that?

    In relation to Unions, do you agree with closed shops in workplaces or do you believe in freedom of association? You seem to suggest that belonging to a Union is OK but belonging to a group such as the IPA is not. This is the problem with the Left the world over.

    Conservatives think the Left are wrong. The Left think conservatives are evil. It is the moral superiority complex. You have rights, as long as they are the same as mine. If you dont then you are eviiiiiiilllllll or a raaaaacist or a

    I worked in a super fund and union membership was strongly encouraged without stating that it was compulsory. I objected to paying Union dues because the Union supported government policy that I didn’t agree with. Suffice to say that I was bullied and basically forced to leave a $100K job because I wouldn’t join a Union. That sounds fair doesn’t it?

    The ones that profess to defend the workers rights are some of the worst offenders in terms of harrassment and bullying. Who protects the workers from those that purport to protect them?

    How many Union leaders have been charged with corruption and extortion lately? Thomson, Obeid, MacDonald, Maitland… Millions upon millions stolen from people that they were meant to be protecting and representing. All Unions do is protect their own vested interests.

    Do yourself a favour Rambler, read something, anything other than just The Phage then you might get a little more of a rounded outlook on life. Oh and The Guardian doesn’t count.

  2. Dacka's Razor

    I also give you an interesting video by Tom Palmer on the inevitable collapse of the welfare state… as much as it will probably turn you inside out to hear rational, coherent arguments presented that contradict your worldview, pls watch it and then provide a critique of it providing any anecdotal evidence that you require to refute his argument.


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