Showing his true colours

Liberal back bencher Alex Hawke, in condemning his own leader’s proposed paid parental leave scheme has exposed himself as one of those Liberals. Since I do not like to deal in broad generalisations, to be more specific, I mean those self absorbed members of the aforementioned party who worship at the altar of unfettered neoliberalism and believe that self interest is somehow in the national interest. He has also has exposed himself as foolish and disloyal, condemning a policy which in my view is a good one, which is sorely needed as the Liberals seek to appeal to a broader cross section of the community, whilst simultaneously alienating his boss. I don’t think we’ll see him on the front bench of an Abbott government any time soon. Given that I feel that the Liberal Party’s biggest failing is its constant pandering to big business and its greed, the imposition of additional taxation upon these corporations is refreshing, and a sound acknowledgement that they ought to give something back to a nation which provides them with the laws and resources for their success. Alex Hawke, however seems to believe they should take without giving back, which is what contributing to paid parental leave would be.

On a more positive note, this is my 50th post! Sincere thanks to all the people following me, and to all the people who have taken the time to comment and partake in some robust discussion. It is such a fantastic thing that thanks to the web and our ever connected world, everyone regardless of background or wealth can have their voice heard.


One thought on “Showing his true colours

  1. edward eastwood

    Warmest congratulations on your 50th post, and fully endorse your comments. Politicians of both sides seem to have forgotten that at the heart of the struggle is the long term welfare of the community and not their parliamentary pension or media profile.


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