Retail sector really is stuck in the 20th century

With the bricks and mortar retail sector still largely reeling from their inability to adapt to the 21st century environment of e-commerce and global markets, Myer CEO Bernie Brooks was today widely panned for turning his attention to a new threat. The NDIS of course. In a rather ill thought out thought bubble, he claimed that the NDIS, or more correctly the increase to the Medicare levy to fund it, would harm retailers by taking money out of people’s pockets. The blatant offensiveness and self absorbedness of such statements aside, it seems all the more foolish a claim given that, as disability advocates have pointed out, disabled people shop too, so helping them out will actually benefit retailers such as Myer. So not only was the statement foolish by compromising the collective goodwill towards and Australian retail icon, it was also logically incorrect. Talk about foot in mouth disease!


One thought on “Retail sector really is stuck in the 20th century

  1. edward eastwood

    Well, Bernie certainly got his comeuppance! The problem with people like Bernie and Geoff Harvey is as you point out, their inability to realise that we are now in the 21st Century and while they champion the ‘free market’, especially the pushing down of wages and conditions, they want to squeal like stuck pigs when it comes around and bites into their profits. The hypocrisy is breathtaking.


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