What next for Syria?

Amidst recent reports alleging the use of chemical weapons, conflict in Syria is increasingly spiralling out of control, causing concern throughout the international community. President Obama has said that if confirmed, the use of chemical weapons would be a line in the sand, likely provoking some form of international intervention. The situation is incredibly complex; many are eager to back the rebels in Syria, viewing them as a force for democratisation, but this is a gross oversimplification. There is an element of the Afghan Mujahideen, which later grew into the Taliban clearly evident in the Syrian rebel movement, especially with some elements being linked to terrorist groups including al Qaeda. It is likely that something has to give in Syria, whether that be the imposition of a no fly zone or more direct military action. Regardless, the situation is far from clear, and given the disparate backgrounds and motives of those fighting the Assad regime, the outcome of its overthrow is murky.


One thought on “What next for Syria?

  1. Alex Braae

    I really doubt chemical weapons have actually been used, as it would be akin to the regime signing its own death warrant in terms of the reaction of the international community. Their only hope of survival is for foreign powers not to invade, and said powers have often said that the use of chemical weapons would be grounds to. Besides, how accurate have Western media accounts of the Syria conflict really been? After all, according to most outlets the regime has been in its final days for about two years now.


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