The dark side of globalisation

Wednesday’s tragedy in Bangladesh, when a large clothing collapsed demonstrates the dark side of globalisation. I have past written of the benefits; it is a good thing that whilst we suffer some downsides (such as the harm to the manufacturing industry), there are net gains to consumers from globalisation, one being cheap garments from the third world. But even then, we should ask questions, just as we do about other products (a good example being cocoa), about the ethics, or lack thereof of those at the other end of the process. Whilst acknowledging, for example, that the cost of living is lower in many nations, we should still demand a fair wage for workers. Likewise, we should vehemently¬†condemn them being forced to work in death traps, like the building which tragically collapsed in Bangladesh. We wouldn’t accept that in our developed nations, and as the end consumer we should not accept such conditions being imposed upon workers overseas either.


One thought on “The dark side of globalisation

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