Just what are we gambling with?

The two biggest issues surrounding sport in Australia were shown to be intricately linked last night on ABC’s Four Corners program. For those not in the loop, a brief recap. Former bodybuilder and biochemist Shane Charters outlined how he aided numerous athletes dope and avoid detection. But the most disturbing allegation he also put forward to Fairfax papers, was that crime figures had attempted to get him to spike the supplements given to players with cocaine for the purpose of blackmailing them into match fixing. This of course raises the other issue pervading sport at present; the rampant promotion of sports betting. This is the quandary. As has been demonstrated, the two issues, drug use and match fixing go hand in hand. Both encourage seedy figures to become involved in what ought to be clean sports. By making it so as there is so much money riding on every match, players are further encouraged to go to great lengths to get an edge. The simplest way to start clearing the dirt out of sport is to crack down on self-serving gambling providers. Then, hopefully we can start cleaning up the rest of the mess.


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