Abbott spot on on Governor-General

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has quite rightly dispelled claims that his confrontation with Julia Gillard over when and by whom the next Governor-General should be selected stems from a desire to appoint John Howard to the post.  He restated his past opinion that  he ” think(s) former military personnel and former judges by and large make the best vice regal appointments.” The Governor-General, as the Queen’s representative in Australia should be a figure devoid of partisanship, and preferably with bipartisan support. Just as if Labor were to attempt to appoint Paul Keating as Governor-General (are republicans disqualified?), any attempt to seat such a partisan figure as John Howard would be inappropriate. This would be all the more the case given that we could well have minor parties holding the balance of power, potentially in conflict with a Coalition government. The Governor-General should be a leader for all Australians, that all Australians can be proud of.


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