Having their cake and eating it too

Big business in Australia is once again demanding cuts to the GST free threshold for online purchases to protect them from imports. This is symptomatic of the hypocrisy and greed of many of these corporations. They are via lobby groups happy to demand less rights for workers, they import many of their goods from China and other nations, gutting our manufacturing sector. Yet when the consumer is set to benefit from globalised markets, they cry foul and demand what is basically a crude form of protectionism. In this case, the suits at Premier Investments can’t take it that bricks and mortar retailers such as their brands who refuse to innovate, are now losing out. This is what Paul Keating talked about when it came to dealing with pain of deregulation. Yes, some in the manufacturing sector would suffer and jobs would go offshore. In return, consumers get access to cheaper goods thanks to the benefits of the free market. These retailers seem to think they should benefit from offshoring production, but the consumer should not benefit from cheaper goods. It’s time for the government to tell them they can’t have free market policies where it helps them, whilst simultaneously demanding protectionism when the flip side of globalisation threatens their bottom lines.


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