Cowardice in Congress

It seems not even a massacre of primary school children is enough to convince US lawmakers to pass meaningful gun law reform. The powerful NRA and its gun nut supporters seems incapable of shame, no matter how much blood they have on their hands. Had the organisation not constantly and vociferously lobbied against even modest gun reforms, many more Americans would be alive today. They bleat on about civil liberties, but here in Australia we acknowledge the simple truth that no-one needs a semi automatic weapon. Full stop. Yet, shock, horror, we are just as free as our American counterparts. Anyone who feels the need for such a weapon, to be blunt, must be compensating for something; it is sad that millions of Americans seem to believe that having the ability to blow someones head off is somehow an important part of being free. And let’s not forget how, just like most of the world’s other woes, this is really just about greed. If greedy gun manufacturers didn’t pour millions into the NRA, solely to protect their own profits, it would be far less powerful. Barack Obama, speaking to the media yesterday was clearly angry. He had every right to be.


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