Abbott’s (non) plan for Geelong car industry

According to page 3 of today’s Geelong Advertiser, Tony Abbott has spelt out his plan for the future of Ford in Geelong. It is, however, not much of a plan. If anything, all he plans is to sacrifice Geelong’s Ford plant, and thousands of local jobs on the altar of neoliberalism. He admits plans to cut $500 million of industry assistance, with the rest of the $1.5 billion scheme put before the Productivity Commission, widely acknowledged as an ideologically neoliberal institution. His solution is laughably pathetic. Apparently, abolishing the carbon tax will save the local car industry, even though its decline preceded the introduction of the tax. Other than that, he mentions a vague idea about creating export markets for the Ford Territory. Make no mistake- the only thing the Liberal Party cares about is winning Corangamite. They care little for the jobs of thousands of local workers. Abbott’s non plan is clear evidence of this.


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