Shocked, but not surprised

The Liberal Party is at it again, blowing the dog whistle on immigration. This time, they have been taken to task for a rather shameless online advertisement  posted on their Facebook page. Their rather hackneyed attempt at linking immigration and border control issues to crime rates in western Sydney is both factually and morally wrong on so many levels. Most obviously, the link made is tenuous at best, certainly no evidence is presented. Furthermore, they seem to inadvertently attack their state Liberal colleagues by making a point of high crime rates, primarily a state responsibility. Then of course there is the morally problematic notion of linking asylum seekers with increased crime rates. Again and again, the Liberal Party vilifies, primarily on the basis of ethnicity, individuals who seek to come to Australia for a better life. It’s really sad seeing such base politics played in what is meant to be an informed, free and well educated society.


One thought on “Shocked, but not surprised

  1. Cadman Kelly

    I feel the ad was misconstrued. I doubt the Liberals would actually be that bigoted, so what I read the ad as saying was:

    Labor can’t prevent people smuggling ->
    Labor can’t prevent what is seemingly a pretty simple, obvious crime to prevent (*cough* Pacific Solution) ->
    Labor can’t prevent simple crime ->
    Labor is weak on crime.

    It’s not a great argument, and it assumes knowledge and/or support of the Pacific Solution, but racist, bigoted and an incitement? No. I highly doubt that. Clumsily put forward, yes, but not malicious, like that Simpsons episode when they try to rebuild Ned Flanders’ house after a cyclone.


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