Once again, more questions than answers on Iraq

The renewed attention given to former Australian PM John Howard’s decision to join the US in invading Iraq again raises questions about why exactly our nation became involved, and what we hoped to gain from doing so. Without the presence of weapons of mass destruction, there was very little reason to become involved. If fighting terrorism was the aim, if anything the invasion was a boon for recruitment, radicalising many. Protecting the humanitarian rights of Iraqis could be a justification, but given the lack of intervention elsewhere (such as Sudan), this is merely evident of an obvious double standard. Australia aspires to being regarded as a sensible middle power in global affairs, but such actions, seemingly to curry favour with the Bush government, were in nobodies interests.
Ten years on , it is time once again to ask why we became involved, and if it was really worthwhile. Given our ongoing role in Afghanistan, these questions remain as pertinent as ever.


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