Drones- more harm than good?

An article in today’s Saturday Age newspaper outlines how American drone strikes in tribal areas of Pakistan seem to be doing more harm than good. I do not intend this post as a diatribe about the morals of their use. One must question their efficacy, not when it comes to killing, but in a wider sense, when winning hearts and minds is just as important as the conflict itself. When one Taliban leader notes that one drone attack increased recruiting ten fold, serious questions have to asked as to their overall efficacy.


2 thoughts on “Drones- more harm than good?

  1. Cadman Kelly

    Drones are a tool and little else. No weapon or operator is perfect, so it’s unfair to expect total avoidance of civilian casualties. But that’s not my main disagreement.

    I must protest: they asked a Taliban commander what he thought about drones.

    Why not ask him about what he thinks about:
    Gay rights?
    Freedom of religion?
    The United States?

    Obviously, what he says about those things is the undisputed, authoritative truth too, right?

    Time for me to recruit ample help from a huge pool of volunteers, shoot some licentious women, hang some Jews, bomb America, eradicate all faiths but the One True Faith of Islam and bury some gay men and lesbians alive under a brick wall pushed over by a tank!

    The Taliban are just big, blathering mouths who will say anything for a cheap propaganda point. I cannot BELIEVE you would think of them as a reputable source! I said that the Dockers would win the flag this year- do I get a citation? A headline? A platform from which to launch a completely unfounded, medieval opinion?

    Pretty please?

    1. Cadman Kelly

      Even better- ask him if he thinks the Earth is a sphere.

      Qur’an 15:19- ‘And the earth We have spread out (like a carpet); set thereon mountains firm and immovable; and produced therein all kinds of things in due balance.’


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