Shooting themselves in the foot

No doubt mine will be one of a cacophony of voices on the issue, but really, what are the NRA thinking? They have again offended many with their suggestions that more, rather than less guns are the answer to preventing more shooting tragedies. Any objective assessment of this claim clearly shows this to be completely wrong. Point in case, the tightening of gun laws and the buyback scheme launched here in Australia, one achievement of John Howard that all but the most hardened gun nut can agree as to the merits of.

The tragically frequent gun massacres of the 1980s and early 1990s have stopped. This was smart policy- it acknowledged that some people have a need for weapons, and those that wish to partake in recreational shooting still have access to weapons. It also acknowledged that automatic and semi automatic weapons simply have no place in a civilised modern society. We are all better of for the actions of John Howard in 1996. Perhaps conservatives in America could learn a thing or two from this particular example of leadership.


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