In Egypt, everything changes, yet everything stays the same

The questioning by police of a popular television comedian in Egypt has again demonstrated that in spite of the change that has swept the country during the last few years, the nation still has a long way to go  to truly attaining the democracy demanded by protesters in Tahrir Square. One must fear that, having swept away one dictator in the form of Mubarak, Egyptians have merely elected another, who will now gradually wind back hard won freedoms. In many ways, it seems as though the Muslim Brotherhood has hijacked the revolution largely led by liberal and secular Egyptians. Certainly such steps to curb free speech should be viewed with great concern.

At this point the international community also has a part to play. Whilst treading the fine line of respecting Egyptian sovereignty, the US, as well as soft powers such as the EU should seek to exert as much pressure as possible on the regime to ensure it governs democratically for all. To say Egypt is simply not cut out for democracy and merely back another strongman, as was done with Mubarak, is an abdication of responsibility, and these nations must take a hard line to ensure that the blood spilt for freedom does not go to waste.


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